Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Musings - My Dream Vacation

This morning we're talking about dream vacations with the Monday Musings crew. Be sure to check out the posts by Leigh Jones, Tess Grant and Lynn Dozema.

I'm sad to say I haven't really had the opportunity to travel much, but I'm hoping to rectify that in the nearish future. I don't even want to go all that far away - at least not for my first overseas trip. My dream vacation would be a week each spent in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. And I'd have to at least take a few day trips to the Isles of Skye, Wight and Man.

I have friends in England and Wales that I'd love to meet in real life as opposed to just over the phone or online and also family in Wales I'd love to actually meet. Even if I didn't have those personal connections, I still feel drawn to these places. Ever since I was little, I've felt a deep connection to these places, and I hope I get to experience the reality of them sooner rather than later.

These are just a few of the spots I'd like to visit. If money and time weren't an issue, where would you like to visit?


  1. That looks lovely! And Ireland/Scotland/England are all on my list too.

  2. I'd like to visit these places too.