Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Musings - Where I'd Like to Live

This week, we're talking about the places we'd like to live. Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers' posts. Kirsti Jones, Tess Grant and Lynn Dozema.

There are a ton of places that I'd like to visit, but I love my home state. I even love my house. I don't, however, love my current neighborhood. It's not terrible, but the houses are close together. So close, in fact, that if I'm not careful, I can see right into my neighbor's bathroom from my kitchen window.

So. Not. Cool.

For any of us.

But like I said, I love my house. It's a cottage style home that was built in 1927 and still has the original hardwood floors and gorgeous red oak woodwork and tons of character. However, I would like it better if it were situated in the woods bordering the shores of Lake Superior. I'd be thrilled to wake up every day with this as my view. Think of all the writing I could get done!

Instead, I'll have to be satisfied with my once a year writing retreat. But hey...better than nothing!


  1. Ooh! Is your house a Craftsman? I love those things. The pics of Lake Superior are amazing. What a perfect place for a retreat.

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! Who wouldn't want to see that every day?

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous! Who wouldn't want to see that every day?

  4. I have yet to go to the U.P. (other than crossing the bridge), but it's on my list of places to visit! We really do have a beautiful state- outside of my city complaints in my blog. :0) I have great childhood memories of going to Lake Michigan.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful beach. :) I enjoyed visiting virtually.