Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is what Christmas looks like at my house. o.O

This is what our tree looked like until the cats got to it. It was a lovely and peaceful two minutes.

 Willow making herself at home and trying to put an end to an evil acorn.
 Possibly plotting the demise of Kanga and Roo who are hanging just out of view.
 I don't even know what got her attention here.
 Making herself really comfortable.
 See that little blonde faery? Yeah, Willow took her out later that night. Still have to glue her back together.
 Bored now.
 Morrighan has joined her sister in the tree.

Morrighan prefers shipping boxes to the tree, but when there are no boxes, she'll cheerfully climb.

So yeah...this is the naughtiness at my house. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to fix a faery, a mushroom and a pirate ship - all casualties of Willow and Morrighan, the holiday terrors.

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