Thursday, July 11, 2013

Writer's Retreat - The Wrap Up

It seems like forever since I've blogged, but I guess it's only been a couple weeks. Two weeks ago today, I was exploring Copper Harbor, Michigan, eating muffins as big as my head made by a sect of Orthodox monks who live on the shore of Lake Superior, hanging with some of my best friends and writing my fingers off on a couple new stories.

There is something amazing about hanging for a whole week with other writers. We have the best conversations, we spur each other on with word count, we help each other through plotting problems and we laugh so hard our faces and stomachs hurt. It's pretty much heaven.

Getting back to reality is tough, but I know exactly where I'll be next year and it's going to be equally amazing. These are some shots of some of the personalities of Lake Superior and the Lake Superior shoreline - my constant writing companions that week and a huge source of my inspiration.

Please join us and share your inspiration on the Thursday's Children blog hop!

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  1. What gorgeous pictures! They're enough to inspire anyone!

  2. Love the sound of this retreat and the pics!! I could use some of that inspiration.

  3. Oh my gosh... This. Sounds. Amazing!!!

  4. Sounds perfect! Can't wait to go to the UP. We're hoping to go around Labor Day. I've never been further north than just crossing the bridge.

  5. Beautiful! Water, trees, you!

  6. That is fantastic! I hope you got all the words :)

  7. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Absolute magic. Love that you enjoyed it!! :)

  9. The photo with the lake wreathed in fog is particularly inspirational!