Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday's Children - Almost There

I've been trying to decide what aspect of inspiration to focus on today, but all I can think about is getting back to my story. I'm about a chapter and a half from the end and it's spilling out of me like an upended cup. I feel like my cat who takes a special kind of joy in knocking over my cup of tea. She watches the liquid flow over the table...floor...couch...wiggling her butt in excitement while her head whips from side to side as she tries to decide which section of the mess she wants to pounce on first.

I can't ever remember feeling such joy and excitement while writing. And I realized that's what's inspiring me. I want more of this feeling. I want to see how it all plays out. It's not like I'm writing blind or anything. I have a basic road map. I know what the big moments are. I know how it ends. But I find that I don't always have a detailed plan for getting there, and that's the most exciting part. I'm discovering all kinds of hidden treasures as I roll faster and faster toward the end. They're peering out from between the trees. They're half buried in the sand. They're waiting for me to find them and pounce on them.

I'm also finding bits and pieces of the next story, so I'm picking them up and tucking them away for later. But mostly, I'm reveling in the joy of discovery and the excitement of finally finding all the pieces of the story I've always wanted to tell.

I hope that whatever your process is, you're enjoying it. Now, I hope you'll excuse me, because I've got a book to finish!

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  1. Yes! That power surge is addicting isn't it? It's such a rush. I'm glad you're enjoying the writing process-we all know there are plenty of days that aren't exactly like that, lol.

    1. Oh yeah - soooooooo many days when I'd rather do *anything* else. :D

  2. You're in the zone......... go for it!!

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  4. I'm so excited that you're almost there! Good luck with the final push to the end!

  5. That's great. Yes, I totally know that feeling. Usually I turn my music up a couple decibels and tap my foot furiously on the floor. It's okay that the people in Starbucks think I'm crazy, right? Maybe I should just wear a pin that says, "Don't worry. I'm just a writer. I bathe, I promise." Or something like that ;-)