Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday's Children - Inspiring Art

Okay, confession time. My day job involves overseeing several departments of a small publishing house and editing a group of outstanding authors.

Unfortunately, there are times that authors run really late on deadlines. Really late. This is one of those weeks and because of that, I'm now running really late with my post. I'm not angry at my author or anything, but I am a little brain dead in terms of coming up with a topic for today's Thursday's Children post.

So...I hope you'll forgive, me but I'm going to cop out a little and share some images with you that are inspiring my current WIP.


  1. Really fabulous images! And not a cop out at all. The whole Thursday's Children thing started out with just me-posting collages of images that inspired my books. I love the keys and the green man/woman pagan imagery-so neat. My dh and I did faux painting/murals at one point in our careers and we did someone's bathroom in The Four Seasons (two goddesses/two gods representing their respective seasons). Also I didn't realize you were an editor-how cool!

    1. Oh good! I was worried. :)

      Are there any pictures of the bathroom murals floating around? They sound amazing, and I'd love to see them!

      It's a great job! :)

  2. Wow, these images are beautiful. It really makes me want to read your WIP! I will have to do a similar post soon. So cool that you get to edit authors as your day job. Any upcoming titles from your house we should look out for? K x

    1. I love to see the images that inspire other authors, so I'm definitely looking forward to your post. :)

      It's a great day job and I have a wonderful bunch of authors that I work with. I'm incredibly lucky. However, the books I edit tend to be on the racier side, so they're not ones I'd recommend on this blog. :)