Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer's Over Already!?

I have no freaking clue where August went. All I know is that my oldest started his second year of college this week, and my youngest has tenth grade orientation tonight.

Seriously, August...what happened?

I'll admit that I'm more than ready for the cooler weather of fall. It's, by far, my favorite season. I'm looking forward to wearing sweaters and cups of hot tea.  Well, not wearing cups of hot tea, though given my super graceful track record, wearing the tea is just as likely as drinking it.

I'm ready for the changing leaves and that almost painful shade of blue the sky gets in late autumn. It's so beautiful and bright, it practically hurts your eyes to look at it. I'm ready for pumpkins and crock pot suppers and mulled wine and homemade bread. I'm ready to sit in the hammock swing in the backyard and read. And I'll definitely be reading - after all Maggie Stiefvater and Alexandra Bracken's new books will be out soon. *obsessively checks release dates again*

One thing I'll miss about summer is having my kids home. I like hanging out with them. They make me laugh every day. And they surprise me every day, too. I enjoy having their friends over and listening to their maniacal laughter. I've even been teaching one of my oldest son's friends to cook. He's trying to impress a girl. Of course. But we've had fun playing lab rats for his kitchen experiments.

But the school year is well on its way, and so are all of the great things that go along with it. I can't wait to see what this autumn brings.


  1. OMG--fall is my favorite season too, and you still manage to make me feel like it's so much better than I anticipate.

    Also checking that Stiefvater release date. My daughter and I are arguing over print versus E. I want to listen to it too. :)

  2. I love fall the best, too. Even though I have fewer hours of free time it seems I'm more energized and able to get things accomplished. I hope you'll be drinking cups of tea rather than wearing it!